2024 Celebrating 103 years of family cake tradition!!

About Us

In 1921, Valentin Garcia Sr. with his brothers and sisters embarked on a venture named La Gran Via in Guines, Cuba. This family venture grew to become the most reputable bakery in Cuba. In 1928, La Gran Via inaugurated their second location in Santo Suarez, Cuba, with 55 employees and 12 delivery trucks. In the following years, a total of five locations were opened throughout the island, including Super Cake and La Suiza, which were also owned by La Gran Via.

Upon the takeover of Cuba by Fidel Castro, the Garcia family opted to abandon Cuba’s most prosperous and reputable bakery. La Gran Via still exists in Cuba, however, it is now under the government’s control.

In 1961, the Garcia family moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico, where they started again La Gran Via. Puerto Ricans were quick to find out and embrace the quality that La Gran Via came to be known for. Most significantly their exquisite wedding, “quinces”, birthday, and special occasion cakes.

Valentin Garcia Sr. and his 3 sons spent over 80 years preparing recipes and creating great cakes, desserts and pastries. Their recipes, along with a strict quality control program, established the highest standards of quality products.

The Garcia’s are master pastry chef’s, starting with Valentin Garcia, Sr., who passed on his experience to his son Valentin Garcia, Jr., and then to Jorge Garcia & Beatriz Otero. Beatriz and Jorge now continue with the tradition, experience, and quality focus that has been passed along to them through their work at Elite Cake Creations.

Leveraging the experience and knowledge that La Gran Via handed down to us and emulating its success formula, at Elite Cake Creations we continue to carry on our heritage with great pride.

Florida’s award-winning Elite Cake Creations is proud to offer, for the first time in decades, the famous Cake de Nata in its original recipe from La Gran Via in Havana. The recipe was carefully reconstructed by Beatriz Otero and Jorge Garcia, the brother-and-sister owners of Elite Cake Creations who are the grandchildren of La Gran Via founder Don Valentin Garcia.